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Carolyn M. Campbell

Communications and marketing specialist Carolyn M. Campbell has dedicated her entire professional career to the promotion and advancement of the creative communities. She handles assignments in the visual and performing arts, architecture, design, books, education, entertainment, lifestyle, philanthropy and social justice.

What colleagues and media contacts have said:

"If I could clone you 200 times and pepper you throughout LA, I’d be the happiest editor on earth."

-Gia Lauren Gittleson, Senior Editor, Los Angeles Magazine

"Based on her exceptional work promoting the James Turrell exhibition, symposium and his "Dividing the Light" Skyspace for us, we were convinced that Campbell Communications would be the ideal firm to handle public relations for the museum's three-part exhibition, It Happened at Pomona: Art at the Edge of Los Angeles 1969-1973 as part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time initiative. Once again, we were not disappointed. Carolyn brings savvy, strategic counsel, a keen attention to detail, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and strong relationships with the media. She consistently generates unique opportunities and creative solutions for our public relations needs because she has a customized approach to every job. We look forward to the next opportunity to bring her on board to create yet another memorable campaign."

- Kathleen Stewart Howe PhD, Sarah Rempel and Herbert S. Rempel '23 Director, Pomona College Museum of Art

"Campbell Communications represented our firm for projects ranging from the Pasadena Museum of California Art to The Shops on Lake Avenue. Carolyn’s combined understanding of business, design and the cultural arena is unique and enabled us to broaden our visibility significantly in the marketplace. We will hire her again when the opportunity arises; and, without reservation, we recommend her company to anyone considering a hardworking, creative and results-oriented PR professional. "

-Jim Favaro, Partner, MDA Johnson Favaro Architecture & Urban Design,

"Thank you for the great job. It went just how I pictured it. Best wishes."

-Jeff Bridges, on the PR campaign for the actor's first photography exhibition, "Losing the Light" at the Gallery of Contemporary Photography.

"Carolyn’s direction of the PMCA’s grand opening campaign and a subsequent fundraising gala were all that we dreamed of and more. Her contacts in the press and events-planning ideas are solid and far-reaching. She is sensitive to the scholarly needs of an arts account, yet also brings savvy marketing and PR business skills to the table. From our Board President to our staff volunteers, she made the entire promotional experience fun for all of us while creating a memorable launch for the museum."

-Wesley Jessup, Executive Director, Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA),

"We had never worked with a PR firm before. We did not know what to expect. Well, we were delighted with the promotional results we received for our new Los Angeles showroom. Campbell Communications oversaw every detail from researching and writing a comprehensive press kit to arranging for press coverage in major dailies and the trades as well as supplying us with great counsel on everything from web site content to special events planning. We learned that Carolyn always brings an upbeat attitude to everything she does, and we thoroughly enjoyed having her as part of our team."

-Vincent Cullinan, Owner, Classic Tile & Mosaic,

"Carolyn and her team were incredible. I always felt supported, and knew that they cared deeply about the success of our project. As a result, we got some great placements. They were a pleasure to work with and I recommend them without any reservations."

-Matt Ivester, author, "lol...OMG! What Every Student Needs to Know About Online Reputation Management, Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying"

"I have always felt the importance of our relationship and the guidance you gave to me. Those channels, words and 'forms' are the basis for much of my successful outreach."

-Tobey C. Moss, gallery owner

"Campbell Communications was a key factor in the national launch of "John Waters Interviews" a book I edited for University Press of Mississippi. Carolyn Campbell's incredible relationships with the literary and popular culture press around the country resulted in unprecedented reviews, on air interviews and record breaking sales for the book."

-Prof. James Egan, MFA award-winning writer/producer.

"Each year you have managed to generate far more publicity for the Santa Monica Festival than we could ever reasonably expect. I do hope that you intend to promote this festival in perpetuity - after all these years of spectacular coverage, no other publicist could ever satisfy us!"

-Maria Luisa de Herrera, Administrator, City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs.

"Thank you for the time and energy you devoted to the Getty’s seminar program. We have received tremendous feedback and your participation is helping to foster a new generation of arts professionals and supporters."

-Joan Weinstein, Program Officer, The Getty Grant Program.

"Fabulous job."

–Alex C. Wagner, Lifetime Television

"Thank you for all your enthusiasm, commitment and spirit. Campbell Communications plays such an important role here in Los Angeles, and I am in awe of your unfailing belief and confidence in the possibilities of the arts community."

– Edward Leffingwell, Executive Director, LAX, The Los Angeles Exhibition.

"Words cannot express... you were wonderful from start to finish. Other than a presidential or papal visit, I cannot think of any trip to Los Angeles that would have involved so much planning. And it all went so well, I think Dr. Koop was very impressed, I know I was."

- Marcy Kelly, Media Director, The Center for Population Options, on the occasion of Surgeon General C. Everett Koop's AIDs Awareness Presentation to the Entertainment Industry.

Carolyn is hardworking and persevering. And she is highly committed to whatever she does. I want to note that the Taft organization is the largest fundraising, marketing, and public relations firm in Washington for nonprofits, and we see hundreds of people in this field. Carolyn, in my judgment, is exceptional.

-J. Richard Taft, President, The Taft Group